Julian Ducatenzeiler (guitar & vocals), Tony Malacara (bass & vocals), Shane Stotsenberg (guitar & vocals),
Cameron Gartung (drums), Ignacio Gonzalez (organ/tambourine)

Desert Island LP

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Please Let Me Know / Docweiler 7"

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Mystic Braves LP

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Tour: Sep 9 Peeve's Public House, Fresno CA
Sep 10 The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA
Sep 11 The Academy Nightlife, San Francisco, CA
Sep 12 San Diego Music Thing, San Diego, CA
Oct 25 Beach Goth 2014, The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA
May 8-10 Austin Psych Fest 2015, Austin, TX




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Videos: Tangerine (short) by Dimitri Basil
featuring Mystic Braves "Born Without a Heart"

Live at the Santa Monica Pier

Live at the Santa Monica Pier

Desert Island (Official)

Mystic Braves for Yves Saint Laurent

Mystic Braves in San Francisco

Mystic Braves (formerly Blackfeet Braves)
live performance House of Creatives, Palm Springs 2013

Oh So Fine (Official)

Trippin' Like I Do (Official)

Vicious Cycle (Official)

Full Set, the Ominous Warehouse, Oct 1, 2012

Catalina show 2012